Dveri Pax Rosé

2019 Rosé Blaufränkisch


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We are proudly presenting our premier – Rosé Blaufränkisch. It shows gentle pink colour with a nice brilliance. It is youthful on the nose, showing lively fresh fruits such as apples, grapefruit, lemon as well as freshly picked red fruits and some spices. Very dry on the palate, light to medium bodied with moderate acidities. Aroma on the palate is gentle and there is plenty of freshness. A very nice, drinkable, and youthful, lively rosé.

Maturity: by 2022.

Analysis information:

Alcohol content: 12,50 %

Acidity: 6.49 g/l

Residual sugar content: 1.3 g/l

pH: 3.25

Closure type: Stelvin Lux

It can be well served as an aperitif or with most of the cold dishes. It will serve you more than well as a wine of the moment, enjoyed in good company, on the summer terrace, beach, or ski-resort. Any-time, anywhere.

  • Blaufränkisch: 100%

Cold April and May broadcasted a rather late harvest, but a very hot June almost completely compensated the delay, though not completely. July and August were warm but not hot and nice weather in September enabled grapes to be picked well into October. 2019 brought very good yields and quality is very dependent of the skills of the winemakers. At Dveri-Pax we are very happy with the results. We produced classic wines with profound varietal aromatic profiles and moderate alcohol levels typical for the region.

Stainless steel


Christoph Schmidberger

Christoph Schmidberger

Born in Eisenerz in 1974. 1994-1998: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, lives and works in Frauenberg Maria Rehkogel/Styria after a long stay in the U.S. Christoph Schmidberger has his roots in the region. Born in Eisenerz, he attended the Admonter Stiftsgymnasium and studied from 1989–1994 at the Technical College for Visual Arts in Graz. He completed his subsequent studies with distinction with Prof. Hubert Schmalix in 1998. His path finally led him to Los Angeles for a few years. His presence in numerous important exhibitions and world-famous collections made him internationally known. Returning to Austria, he now lives and works in Styria again. Christoph Schmidberger is a realist-oriented painter and graphic artist. His imagery, executed in a technically perfected manner of the old masters, appears magical, often disturbing, and at least ambivalent. In his motifs, he oscillates between reality and fantasy, sensuality and eroticism, trash and kitsch, subculture and youth culture. At the other end of the scale, there are surprisingly traditional religious subjects that exude a deep piety. Photo-realistic portraits, always poetically charged and contextually alienated, also play an important role. It is this seemingly irreconcilable dialogue of opposites that makes this artist's work so exciting. It is as if we are looking into the broken mirror of our incredibly complex, often divided world. From May 2020, a memorial for “star children” designed by Christoph Schmidberger will be permanently available at the Admonter Cemetary.


Mag. Pater Egon Homann OSB